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Rolling in the Deep
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 || 5:59 AM

Last week was mad exciting, it began with my adventure in the world of Jury Duty. This really involved me sitting in a heavily air conditioned room for nearly 3 or 4 hours only to have Judge Hill say he didn't need us for his criminal case. So I took my things and went to a burger joint and ate a really weird tasting turkey burger before settling back at home. Great, my first taste of jury duty and I didn't even make it pass the questionnaire.
So for the past four months I'd been anticipating the Adele show at the Electric Factory, an actual factory turned concert venue in Philadelphia. My sister bought both albums 19 and 21. So we were on a mission to get into the show. I won't get into the whole song and dance about how that happened but we did manage to see Adele singing her lil heart out. The show was amazing. It was like a great big sing along. Not surprisingly 90% of the crowd was female. Some chicks were even crying although maybe that can be blamed on the alcohol. Either way it rates up there with one of the greatest shows I've seen.
So after a great Friday night, I had to go to a four hour orientation of pre-med hopefuls at HUP. We sat in a room for a few hours and basically it was to get acquainted with the rules of being a pre-med volunteer and then we picked our area we'd work in. I chose Monday afternoons. I don't expect to see much action but I will be in a hospital which I now feel so comfortable in. Hospitals are strangely my homes away from homes.
And then Sunday we capped it off with Mr. ?uestlove who did a Q&A and an interview with a Philly host at a lounge/restaurant. It was pretty inspiring and informative. Questlove seems like he can go on and on about music, his own career and just little details and stories along the way. He is truly amazing.

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