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A great J*DaVey interview featuring ?uestlove
Thursday, April 28, 2011 || 7:24 AM

I love everything Jack said about identity and confidence. I love J*DaVey and this had to be one of the best recent interviews so far because it addresses the break from Warner Brothers. Seems like it was decision based on them having to wait to release music and the to earn money for their art. So I was probably a good decision to jump off the WB wagon. I love the portions from Mr. ?uestlove in the video.

Check it out:

June release for 'New Design Drug'!
I really hope to see these guys at the Afro Punk fest in Brooklyn this year. I'm a little upset I missed them in NYC on the New World Culture tour but oh well..
Make sure you check out their new EP if you haven't already.

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