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The Royal Wedding and ramblings
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 || 6:41 AM

It's Tuesday, the day after Monday and a few days after Friday (Rebecca Black). My throat is a little sore and has been for about a week now. My nose is congested when I wake in the morning and sometimes at night. The weather has gotten awfully sticky and hot but I take comfort in knowing that I'll be dipping in a pool by the end of this week. I'm not gonna talk about my woes and my comfort.
I really wanted to talk about the royal wedding, the reason it's so publicized is probably because the word royalty has the connotations of extravagance attached-- gold, diamonds, velvets and crowns. Kate Middleton is about to be a princess. Some little girls as young as three desire to be princesses but few actually become princesses. I wonder if Kate Middleton dreamed that she'd fall in love with a prince and have her wedding be the most anticipated event of the year? 
For some reason weddings are a big deal for the brides but the grooms usually sit back and think about the single life that will soon get away from them. I hate to generalize or stereotype so I'm not gonna say all men. I imagine lots of men have grandiose imaginings for their weddings and the woman they choose to marry.  The idea is sweet but the really the idea should begin to set in that you'll be spending your life with that person. Marriage usually is supposed to be forever or at least until death does one of the individuals apart. Now that idea is sad...
Now even I'm excited about this royal wedding, I'll probably cry for Kate. Young love is beautiful but I'm sure this wedding will be one of the best days of her life. That is pretty much that's the pie and the sky for a lot of woman to be safe and secure in a marriage and in love.
It's a strange notion.

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