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Thursday, April 21, 2011 || 5:30 AM

One group I will never give up on is J*DaVey and it's not because I've met them a couple times. They're two dope individuals with a sound that's all their own and I think that's rare with black artists these days. Too many bands are trying to sound like everyone else. What I respect about J*DaVey is that even with their unique sound they continue to evolve and build upon their creative landscape. You can hear the difference in their music from their buzzworthy tune 'No More' from back in 2006 or 2007. I think they're always up for new sounds and styles. It's pretty cool.
I admit I was a little surprised and confused when I heard that they'd split with Warner Brothers before they could even put out their first anticipated full length album perfectly named 'New Designer Drug'. I think they wanted sole ownership of their art which allowed them 100% profit for sales but that also means they're not relying on the label for promo or needed funds. I really hope they're successful with that.
I love this new video that duo put out. It's called 'Raincheck' off of one of their Mistapes: Evil Christian Cop. It's a very sexy video well suited for the song I suppose. The guy hobbling about is actually Jack Davey real life boyfriend so I'm sure the steamy shots in the video weren't as awkward as they could've been. I love the song, I like the reverse actions they have going on (sorry, i know it's been done before but it always gets me). I think it's one of their best videos as far as quality and presentation.

Also check this podcast out, nice little performance of all the recent mistape faves and some new ones that definitely have me interested in what they've cooked up for their album.

I hope doesn't mind me stealing their pic but I loved the colors and Brook's little eyes looking on.
                           Brook D'leau the man behind the music of J*Davey @ HVW8 Gallery
I'm definitely anticipating more music. The EPs they've been releasing have been cool but they're like teasers. More please...I'll wait patiently :)

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