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Science is awkward in COLLEGE
Tuesday, May 3, 2011 || 6:29 AM

Had a very fun weekend in New York and my former school Manhattanville College at an annual concert fest known as Quad Jam. It's essentially a big party of drunkenness and kids drinking brews out of bottles and cups. I never could really get with it. Maybe because I was always into the sober fun. I like to dance and laugh and play and actually remember it withouth the hangover. Still being back on campus reminded me there's something about college that is a pleasant annoyance. I think for even the best students college is a big party and a little secluded from reality especially if you live on campus. It's a world that's palpable and vibrant and so unlike what one faces beyond the futon. Maybe that's why in this moment I look like I don't have a care in the world.
Now I'm home in Illadelph. My mind is heavy because of this post bacc application process. I'm trying not to stay in my head too much so I can actually enjoy my day. It's supposed to be warm today. I hope the sun is out as well. Sunshine always makes it a lil' better.

I'm gonna keep on pushin'

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