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Hipster R&B
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 || 12:28 PM

Yeah I'm glad I already shared my thoughts on R&B, a lot of the singers these days don't seem very talented. That's a bold statement I guess but I'm kind anot even saying what I want to say with that statement.

It seems like stuff that's in fashion is easily passed and begins to fill the medium of our culture. Of late I'm noticing a gradual shift to a type of experimental R&B. Someone already tried to coin it PBR&B. The name sucks but I won't get into that. Some of the bands that I think go into the direction of the experimental/hipster (sorry to use that word) ar

The XX
This collective seems to have picked up some steam over the past couple of years. I like their sound. It's very unique but it's definitely a quite stand still and look at the stage type of gig. Often referred to as perfect lovemaking music heh. I definitely like XX a lot. They have soft yielding voices that you have to be grateful for these days.

The Weeknd
 ~ This guy with the eversoft voice sounds like The-Dream smothered in eerie samples. I don't think he's hard to digest and Drake definitely co-signs this guy but I'm sure some of it just goes over my head

James Blake

James Blake is a long bloke with an R&B/soul/dubstep edge I courageously downloaded his entire album onto my laptop and iPod. I say courageously because while he does sing a little a lot of his tracks are gospel organ impressions and looped verses and long pauses. I found one of his song verses replaying in my head. One of his best songs though is definitely 'Limit To Your Love' his English accent echoes over the smooth commanding beat. It was definitely a perfect blend. He has more music online but he most recently released a self-titled album which is worth checking out.
James Blake, "Limit To Your Love" by blatanti

Frank Ocean
I'm still not sure how I feel about the Odd Future collective but this guy can actually sing. Here's his rendition of Strawberry Swing. I don't know if Odd Future is considered hipster-music oriented. Frankly I find their raps quite scary and a little side eye worthy but again just go with it. This guy is working with Beyonce so he's already earning his stripes

How To Dress Well,  this guy likes The-Dream in the way that I like The-Dream. Sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the greatness of The Radio Killa and his audacious often ridiculous lyrics. I find the sound on most of their released tracks a little hard on the ears and seem rather poor quality and unsmastered; but he does have a smooth sound like most of the people mentioned above. I like their sound overall.

So you kinda have to embrace this new movement, if it's okay to call it a movement. We'll see where it goes together. Either way I'm enjoying the music.

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