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Junk Food Thoughts
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 || 7:44 AM

I was just thinking to myself, I could really use an e-mail or word from someone today. A nice chit chat would be nice. I'm at work right now. I hope something eventful happens today, I hope to meet someone new and fun. Those aren't always a given even though the opportunity to meet someone new is pretty much there everday. We pass so many strangers on the street, each with their own story and each with their own minds filled with thoughts and words that they're itching to utter or trying very hard not to reveal.

I wish I could make a promise to myself to speak to the strangers who look interesting althought it'd suck if they turned out not to be so interesting and instead a complete horror. You can't judge books by their covers but then we've all been judging for so long. When does it end? Is anyone ever at peace with their view of others. So many people change in our eyes so easily with just a word or an action. It's scary to even trust one's own mind to sustain any sort of perspective. I think acceptance or forgiveness are fair when learning about people and their actions. But it makes it impossible to ever really have a clear head and a clean slate with all those people we encounter or get to know. Does a "clean slate" even exist?

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