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Beyonce's new single Girl coming soon...
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 || 7:52 AM

National Treasure, Beyonce Knowles, will soon be releasing a new single named 'Girl'. Which is such a great name because it's been used so many millions of times /sarcasm. I'm anticipating her single but as I said on Twitter, once it hits the airwaves it'll be on a continuous loop until our brains are complete mush. The B stans are already hopping up and down in their cotton socks. Some have even heard the song which she apparently shot the video for. Maybe it is sure to be hit if it includes samples from this little diddy which was already sampled by...Diddy and Dirty Money

Check it.

Major Lazer is new to me. Even if it does include the very cute Philly DJ known as Diplo.

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