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Does Charlie Sheen have it easier than Chris Brown?
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 || 7:34 PM


I'm not a huge Charlie Sheen fan. Major League, Hot Shots, Money Talks...I guess I can say I'm familiar with some of his work but not a lot. I know he has a brother that looks a lot like him; this fact confused me for much of my childhood but now I'm aware that Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen are most certainly related obviously. I guess Charlie Sheen is most popular in this era as a funny guy on Two and a Half Men. I haven't done my research really but I know the show is immensely popular show that's been going strong for a while now with a couple of Golden Globe nominations for Charlie Sheen. It's cool that he's maintained a career on TV after acting in so many movies and the show must obviously be a hit.
Now this part, I actually am gonna have to do some research for. Charlie's personal life is probably just as well known as his hit TV show. Apparently he's dated a string of adult film actresses, has five kids, and three marriages. I know I personally only remember him being with Denise Richards and that was way before the two chicks he's calling The Goddesses. His drug of choice is apparently coke which he's OD'd on in the past, he has a history of violence with women, it also seems he's been in and out of rehab and has had many battles for custody of the children he has acquired over the years. He sounds pretty unstable especially if you view his current state in recent interviews. I understand his missteps are not entirely a reflection of him as a person overall but it appears he's unstable and hasn't really ever been able to stay stable for very long.
Chris Brown is young. We really only started hearing about him in the past five or six years. He kinda sky rocketed to pop success with 'Forever' and 'No Air'. He also became well known for his amazing dance moves. Chris became even more well know when he began a relationship with another high profile young artist, Rihanna. The media of course takes advantage and hops all over a new hot couple. That's natural for the supply and demand media machine. That said, I think Rihanna and Chris had been together for quite some time before we heard about what happened with Rihanna. What happened? He basically beat her up pretty badly. The first feeling after viewing the pics that leaked of Rihanna's bruised face is anger and disgust. A man is in most cases stronger than the woman and when he puts his hands on a woman---it's a wrap, it's an unfair fight. That's why I really couldn't agree with the people who said she brought the fight upon herself or tried to justify Chris Brown in anyway. I do think that finally at this point the shock of the situation is gone and many have moved on. I think Chris Brown should be forgiven but with shenanigans like the Good Morning America incident I can see how some may think he's moving backwards. Who really knows if he's progressing.
To tie in Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown, Chris made a comment basically in summation stating that Charlie Sheen a man who is obviously not very well and has a few issues of his own is given a pass while he continues to be ostracized. Do I agree? 
No. I think Chris Brown was looking for a scape goat. I don't really think Chris Brown wants to face the fact that what he did was pretty devestating. I'm sure he realizes the implications but if you read the affadavit that I just read moments ago you can understand the horror of the situation. He wants everyone to sorta just push the incident with Rihanna into the past and a lot of people have either returned to his side as a fan and forgave him or have been done with him completely for good.
Charlie Sheen is a man child with some issues that are linked to substance abuse and mental health issues probably. Chris Brown is a young man that's still learning and growing and apparently still making mistakes. Charlie Sheen hasn't gotten a pass, he's just being exploited and he's choosing to be exploited. I don't think race has anything to do with it. People are worried for Charlie Sheen's possible mental problems in the same way they worry that Chris Brown may never recover from his anger issues.
I think the media has exploited the both of them and it's sad. They both still need help still. I think most (besides the media) just want both of these men to be their talented selves. To Chris it probably feels like the world is against him but I think a lot of people trusted that he's calmer now after his scary attack on Rihanna but it seems he's still working that out. He doesn't deserve a pass. Neither does Charlie Sheen.

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