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On my soapbox
Saturday, March 26, 2011 || 3:24 PM

I get a little angry and resentful sometimes. I start to wonder are we as black people giving our ALL in society, most of my brothers friends didn't attend college and very likely never will. Actually the people in general in most races that attend college is actually somewhat lower than we thing. The value of a bachelor's degree has gone down. It used to be an amazing sheet of paper but now not so much.

Things that upset me are gentrification, white people that look at you like they've never seen black people before, young black men that try to imitate the fake gangstas they see on TV, the young black teenage girls that love them, guns and violence in my neighborhood and my friends' neighborhoods, racist and prejudicial people and a host of other ignorance that I can't begin to expound on.

My mom generally gets along with everyone no matter the race, she's very open minded and friendly, She tells me a lot of things when she hangs out with her older white male friends who expose her to a life and a world that I guess a black woman wouldn't usually have "The whites are living good out there (Chestnut Hill area) having a ball", I laugh and roll my eyes, it's a statement as if to say "Blacks are struggling and scraping together pennies while the whites are out in the burbs with their feet kicked up"

And I do sit with my head in my hands asking myself, what's the reason? Why can't we also be successful and do better for ourselves. If I had to answer and was put on the spot, I wouldn't be able to give a scientifically correct answer without statistics and variables but I'd say it's a vicious cycle of continued acceptance of the status quo. Technology and the new age is making it a little easier and a little harder to communicate and stay informed. I have some faith that it'll bleed into the communities and homes and begin to open the world to everyone. We need newer role models and not ones that encourage treating women like toys and multiple baby mommas by different women.

I could really go off on a ran with this but I'm gonna stop. I hope to write a book. I just picked up this reading material by Hill Harper, I want to begin to read more of his books.

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