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Chris Brown - F.A.M.E review
Monday, March 21, 2011 || 6:15 PM

WARNING: Long Post Ahead!
I don't know if I've mentioned my feelings of boredom with mainstream R&B music and hip-hop altogether but I'm gonna mention it now. A few artists I loathe are, mainly Trey Songz although I was guilty of liking Bottoms Up and Can't Be Friends. I just don't think his voice is that amazing and he's just selling his body. At the surface I really don't think he's that amazing but I won't throw too much shade at him. He did his thing these past couple years and he knows how to sell records.

As far as pop r&b, my favorite artist would have to be Omarion. Well my favorite album by him was 21. That was an amazing album. Don't judge me. I also like Ciara's album Evolution. That was a good year for albums but anyway, I'm in between with Chris Brown. I don't love him but I don't hate him. His voice is just okay but his dance moves and his art prove that he's very talented. I really have been pulling for him to do well since the Rihanna incident. I think he deserves forgiveness and to be allowed to continue expressing himself whatever art form. Now CB has been pushing this F.A.M.E record like crazy on his Twitter, he's got nude pics, twitter beef and blonde hair to show for his promo. So I'm giving this one a chance. I love CB's style I'm not too sure about his music but I'm going to try and keep an open mind.

Here goes.

Track by Track:
Deuces - I don't even need to listen to this track, I heard it all fall and winter, I give him props for this little comeback song even my sister liked it and she's a tough crowd. This song features Kevin McCall, a name I'm not familiar with but I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him now 5/5
Up To You- This sounds like a pretty generic R&B song that could easily be an Omarion song or a B2K throwaway, but because it's sensitive I give him some credit. His voice is smooth 3.5/5
No B.S.- This is a pretty popular radio jawn and has most certainly blown up, I've never actually listened to it all the way. The beat is the dopest part but I still can't quite wrap my head around freaky Chris Brown especially since his fans are still young and growing. Oh well, at least he promotes safe sex in the song. Umm overall the song is a good effort but I get a little bored halfway through *shrug* 3.5/5
Look At Me Now- Dope song, Diplo kills the beat, I can even put aside my Lil Wayne shade and say he killed his verse, the video makes it a 5/5
She Ain't You - Your ears aren't deceiving you, my man jacked the whole sample from SWV's Right Here remix, but the song is a cute song and sentiment, he talks about not being with the girl he really wants 4/5
Say It With Me- Some robotic beat and bumpin' drums, kinda disco type song going here. I love the hook and the chorus but his "Hey baby..." kinda sounds ridiculous but  it's not as generic as Up To You and She Ain't You so I give it 5/5
Yeah 3X- Another radio friendly jawn, sure to be a hit for the rest of the year. The college kids and Jersey Shore fist pumping crowd will probably love this, so good job even if it sounds like a song I've heard before 4.5/5
Next To You ft. the Biebs-
With Justin Bieber's appeal I can see this song having a video, another sentimental song with little voice biebs with his constant runs. It's a another strong radio song and a good effort, although sappy ballads kinda bore me.- 3.5/5
All Back- This is a country song? Oh it's a ballad. Sounds like a Beyonce song. I like the piano and the cowbell. I like this song, it doesn't sound like an overdone R&B song and the background singing is nice. The production is pretty different so I give him 5/5
Wet The Bed- Oh another freaky song with Ludacris, this sounds like Take You Down part 2, uhmm, the lyrics are *ahem* *blush*, these songs are good for what they are good for, if you know what I mean, but as far as just listening to them on any other day *shrug* I'll give it a 4/5 I guess. Luda saves it.
Oh My Love  -  Another club type jawn, I'm tryin' to catch everything he's saying, again it jumps into disco, I guess he thinks he's MJ, that's cool. I like this new producer even if he does use autotune and lyrics are kinda meh *side eye*. 4/5
Should've Kissed You - What a sweet title, another radio song
Beautiful People - Sounds like a gay bar song lol that's cool. 5/5

I think this album will do very well with pop radio. I'm actually releived he has the perfect mix between pop songs, dance songs and a couple freaky songs but not a lot. It sounds like he's returning to his roots. I would've preferred more club bangers like Look At Me Now but the production is very solid on this album and I'm glad he only rapped on a few song.

Deluxe version:
Bomb - 5/5 for the bangin' beat even if I'm not a real big fan of Wiz, strangely this sounds like a Nicki Minaj song
Love Them Girls- 5/5 - Hot beat although again he sounds like Nicki Minaj lol , Ester Dean probably wrote this
Paper, Scissors, Rock - Oh I think this was on FutureSex/LoveSound. Oh, it wasn't? I think Chris Brown is strongest with these types of pop songs with hot beats so... 5/5 
Beg For It - Omarion also has a song called Beg For It and this sounds like Janet Jackson's song, No BS. part 2 but I'm bored already, 3.5/5
Champion -I don't even know what this is, sounds bad at first but he does spill his guts so I'll bump it up to a 3.5/5

Overall: 84.5%, and that says a lot compared to Graffiti. I've never really been able to say 'Oh I love this song!' about CB's album since his first two solid albums and I have a couple songs like that on here. A few songs I cut off halway from boredom but overall I think this is a solid effort and the deluxe version makes it a little more worth it. I'm glad Chris Brown is back and doing his thing. Hope his album sells...I'm not a stan. I promise.

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