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Track by Track review of Terius Nash's '1977' album
Thursday, September 8, 2011 || 2:22 PM

Excuse the lateness of this review, I've been enjoying this album too much to post. Props to The-Dream for once again releasing a solid album, a solid free album at that 

#1 Wake Me When Its Over (WMWIO):  In my opinion this is one of the best tracks on this album. I love the repetition of the word 'over' just makes it a fun song to sing, as mentioned in a previous post on my blog it really is a beautiful and sad song (5/5)*
#2  Used To Be: I actually don't like this song very much, it's a kiss off to ladies so maybe it's just bitterness, Not a huge fan but it's not horrible (3/5)
#3 Long Gone: Love this jawn, the hook is mad catchy, love the spanish guitar/zorro music or whatever he has going on. Very different coming from the dream. Love the style (4/5)
#4 Ghetto: I love The-Dream for this track, it's a freaky song but still so catchy and a bouncy, loud, banger. I coulda done without Big Sean  (4/5)
#5 Wedding Crasher: This song isn't bad, in fact, I love that this is his anthem and the music is very wedding-ish. Not quite sure why I can't give it a 5. (4/5)
#6 Rolex: Props for the Rick Ross grunt sample but I gotta say that the chorus is just a lil ridiculous. I just realized this song is kinda weak. Took me a while (3/5)
#7 Silly: Not a Dream Song so no rating. Casha sounds good but I think its cuz this suits her vocal range, I'd like to see her try another cover in the future
#8 1977 (Miss You Still): I love the 'racetrack/cars flying by' beat in the back, kinda like a distant guitar, this song is heartfelt and it really got to me as I listened to it today. It's well arranged by Terius. (5/5)
#9 Wish You Were Mine: This is more like something that would be on his studio LP, it sounds like it could be a Love Vs Money throw away. I love love this song and his nonsense rambling between the verses. One thing I love is The-Dream layers stuff in songs and it makes it more enjoyable. He goes nuts. Definitely one of my favs from the album (5/5)*
#10 'This Ish Real Ninja' (G-Rated Title lol): This song is basically Pharrell and Dream poppin off at the mouth about what they have and basically doing them. Pharrell lends one of possibly the best verses in his career with the continuous use of the N-word after each bar. (4/5)
#11 Form of Flattery: Again, a new style for Dream, this song is slow but in no way is it a love song. It's more like a jab at all of those that have been influenced by The-Dream undeniably he means Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd. He reminds that he's embedded and these other cats have 15 minutes. I'm sure he's not specifically speaking of The Weeknd, afterall he did give props to him in a recent interview but he is definitely poppin warning shots. I love that he says 'I wish you would roll up...' Don't test Dream's Gangsta, he's murk you in a musical battle (5/5)*

Overall: 83/100

* Tracks are my favs. 

Solid effort by Mr. Terius Nash, I place this above Love King. Long King in my opinion was weak not because it wasn't good music but it didn't flow together like the other albums. I like when Dream uses a theme on his albums '1977' was a very personal breakup and bragging album. Can't wait to hear more from my boy.

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