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The-Dream EP in the works
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 || 6:03 AM

The-Dream is now set to release a 10 song digital album called '1977' under his governement name Terius Nash

So no surprise here, "The Love IV" no longer has the September 20th release date. I say no surprise because it's August 2nd and we've yet to get an official single for Dream's 4th album. Now to many Dream fans this comes as no surprise. Love vs Money was pushed back, Love King also pushed back and once again Love IV has no release date. I think it's great that Dream is releasing an EP for the fans because his fans like myself love his work so it's always a pleasure to hear something from him. 

Per Dream's twitter we should be expecting '1977' by August 31st. Dream is a man of his word but normally you'll get stuff a little bit later than when he says so I'm hoping that the August 31st date is solid. 

Check out Dream's twitter and his most recent tweets for more details about the EP. Mr. Teris Nash claims to be shooting vids for '1977' right now. 

Click for >> Mr. Terius Nash's Twitter <<

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