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Live-blogging Terius Nash's '1977' release
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 || 8:30 PM

[11:30]: Mr Nash better be for serious about this release, I'm sitting hear with noodles bout to listen to Kanye and Jay-Z and then 'Wake Me When It's Over'

[11:45]: Dream tweets his driveway, he's throwing a release party. Nice :)
[12:08]: Terius claims to be streaming at 11PM central, 12 AM eastern here:

[12:17]: Ghetto feat Big Sean is available right now through streaming on

[12:31]: T-minus 30 minutes yo!

It's [12:51] and the album is available for download. Enjoy!!! 

[12:57]: Dream claims to be UStreaming in a few seconds

[1:21]: Dream is streaming on UStreaming looking at fan reactions and drinking with friends. I'm listening with the stream in the background, currently on Wedding Crasher cuz I skipped over Ghetto already heard it an hour ago. People have complained about not having Track 10 but if you use WinRaR instead of Winzip the file shows up....I may be done for tonight after one listen. Getting tired :(

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