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Uprising and the root of it
Tuesday, August 9, 2011 || 6:57 AM

Everyday I have those moments of pure and utter shock at human behaviour. It all ties into a primal emotion, because there isn't much difference in the uprising of the apes in the Rise of The Apes movie and Flash Mobs and London. These mobs and acts of violence are often fuelled by unruly youth. It's bad enough that our elders don't trust us as far as they can throw us and then we go and violently riot or beat up innocents. My heart usually hurts because the same emotions that drive someone to go above and beyond for a complete stranger can in one person drive them to do the unimaginable and unfathomable such as killing someone, hurting someone whether they deserved it or not. I'm not sure why I'm shocked because throughout the day I have a distant moment in my head when I contemplate the mind and the complex workings of the amygdala. My mom accurately affirms that "the mind is fragile" were all very capable of "going crazy", losing it or acting out frustration and anger and becoming violent. Heck my good friend and room mate was very violent towards me for no particular reason other than her trying to be playful but sometimes she actually was fuelled by anger. When I suggested she get anger management or seek counselling she made it sound like both were utterly ridiculous. No one is immune and we're all easily breakable some of us have short fuses and don't even know it. 

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