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Lady Gaga: Born This Way Review
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 || 7:51 AM

Hey this is a treat, I don't usually even do pop reviews but I figured I'd share my opinion on Lady Gaga's album. I mean I love music and I'm sure over 100,000 people have already reviewed this album 'Born This Way' which was released a few days ago. I've bene big on electronica and techno lately and old school 90s House music which I know she does have elements of in her album. So I'll try and enjoy this if possible. I love Lady Gaga as an artists and you can tell that her personality isn't fake even if it is over the top and a little gimmicky, I actually think she's genuine. That's big for me to say because I'm usually cynical.
Lady Gaga album review
Marry the Night - Sounds like a Daft Punk or Deadmau5 song with singing. The music is promising but the chorus is awfully simple. All that matters is that people are dancing it can't be that bad, right? I still think it's a sucky song so I give it 2.5/5
Born This Way- This song grew on me like crazy, I guess my problem witht he song is that it mirrored Madonna too much but the song is really catchy and kinda makes a perfect inside joke. 4/5
Government Hooker- This song is hands down amazing and should be released as a single. It's not preachy, it's dancey and friggin' sexy and industrial NIN-ish. The whole album needs to sound like this. I'd certainly dance to it. It's dope even with the lame "drink my tears" part. 5/5
Judas- This song grew on me, it sounds like Bad Romance but eh, I give her credit for the catchiness and the music 3/5
Americano- I don't like it. It just seems like a forgettable filler 1/5
Hair- This song in my opinion sucks. I realize she's trying to make a statement but the lyrics but I find it a lil' too cheesy. DNW 2/5
Scheibe- The music is certainly promising, nevermind that we don't know what the heck she's saying. This sounds like a bouncy club song. This is a cut above the others so I'll give it 4/5
Bloody Mary- This was like a ballad of sorts, not too bad but sounded a little similar to another cut on the album, I give it 3.5/5.
Bad Kids - Not bad but the hook was just a lil' too cheesy for me. The verses and the music are catchy though. 3.5/5, I didn't listen to it all the way.
Highway (Unicorn) - Another song with a mix of thumping beats and a seemingly 80s but a lil' cheesy chorus 2/5
Heavy Metal Lover- This is a good song it's a shame that some songs are really strong like this and some are just pfft. I give it 5/5, I love the 90s feel to it. It's just a good vibe
Electric Chapel- This starts out promising as far as the music but then it just seems kinda boring IMO. I guess this is more of a ballad. Still it's a lot less all over the place as the other tracks that I don't like and seems like it can grow on me so I give it a 3.5/5
You and I- I think this is actually a cool song it's a lot less pretentious I guess. She's a good song writer it's just too bad that some of her other songs just seem like she put threw them together in five seconds. 5/5

Overall: I give the the albuma C+ or a 78/100, I think it could've been so much better in terms of how it was structured. Some songs are forgetable but the memorable songs are very very strong so it's hit or miss. Strangely, I think the weak tracks by themselves are stronger than some of those on her previous records so in a way she won me over a little. I think it's one of those albums that may just not be your style as opposed to her other albums which appealed to a lot more people. There aren't many songs that come to mind like "Oh I want to listen to that one!" right now.  Some standouts for me were 'Government Hooker' 'Scheibe' 'Heavy metal Lover' and 'Judas'

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