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The-Dream will release his fourth album 'Love IV' next week?
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 || 8:26 AM

Who is anticipating Love IV? that's a horrible album title yet it's far less cheesy than the others. I guess he went to the 'Beyonce School For Album Naming'
I was just thinking, with The-Dream seems to be working on the albums of others all the time, it's pretty amazing that he finds time to throw together the masterpieces of albums that he has, Love King was his weakest but his first two were pretty strong.
His album is supposed to drop on 6/7/2011 and I highly doubt that without a single that we're getting something but maybe he'll surprise us all and it'll be a dope mixtape and he'll say to be continued...With no promotion he either doesn't care about sales or really expects his album to go double wood which in this day and age is pretty fantastic.
Who knows? 

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Also peep the demo for Beyonce's song 1+1 written by him
Nothing But Love by magic3233

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