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Spotlight: Jill Scott- The Light of The Sun
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 || 6:16 AM

Spotlight: Jill Scott's album- The Light of The Sun

I got a chance to listen to this album thanks to the NPR's preview and I must say this ranks pretty high as one of her best albums. This album is a very personal and creative effort. She incorporates more poetry than she has in her past couple albums. So she kinda goes back to her roots and shows off her skill in that area. I really love all the songs but the ones that stand out are 'Missing You' , 'Rolling Hills', 'Le Boom Vent Suite', 'So Gone' and 'Until Then'. She's really making Philly proud. Be sure to pick up Jill's album which is out today and follow Ms. Scott on Twitter:!/missjillscott

Sorry, I been gone, more blog posts comin' soon.

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