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Live-blogging Terius Nash's '1977' release
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 || 8:30 PM

[11:30]: Mr Nash better be for serious about this release, I'm sitting hear with noodles bout to listen to Kanye and Jay-Z and then 'Wake Me When It's Over'

[11:45]: Dream tweets his driveway, he's throwing a release party. Nice :)
[12:08]: Terius claims to be streaming at 11PM central, 12 AM eastern here:

[12:17]: Ghetto feat Big Sean is available right now through streaming on

[12:31]: T-minus 30 minutes yo!

It's [12:51] and the album is available for download. Enjoy!!! 

[12:57]: Dream claims to be UStreaming in a few seconds

[1:21]: Dream is streaming on UStreaming looking at fan reactions and drinking with friends. I'm listening with the stream in the background, currently on Wedding Crasher cuz I skipped over Ghetto already heard it an hour ago. People have complained about not having Track 10 but if you use WinRaR instead of Winzip the file shows up....I may be done for tonight after one listen. Getting tired :(

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The-Dream drops fire with 'Wake Me When It's Over'
|| 8:50 AM

I love The-Dream you must know that, this is a cut off his album to be released tonight, possibly against Def Jam's orders but who cares, his fans need this record...The great '1977'. He gave us a nice one in Wake Me When It's Over and I can't help thinking that this song is so sad for him and the other woman and you know it's a true story cuz that's how Dream does :(

Click the image for the song
'Wake Me When It's Over'

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Remembering Aaliyah
Thursday, August 25, 2011 || 5:39 PM

January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001
The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. 
- George Elliot


Top 10 Drug Corners in Philly 2011
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 || 10:07 AM

Click the picture for the Full Story
A little article about the wonders of my city. I find this stuff fascinating, hurts the eyes and the heart a little though. 

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The Weeknd x Thursday
Monday, August 22, 2011 || 3:44 PM

Follow up to House of Balloons. Way better and he sings more confidently. I like this guy. He's no Dream but I still enjoy him. 

Peep the download 

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Yeezy and Jay-Z (The Throne) x Otis
Friday, August 12, 2011 || 7:28 AM

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Drive by post
Thursday, August 11, 2011 || 8:22 AM

I love all of Watch The Throne, people need to stop hating right now.

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Uprising and the root of it
Tuesday, August 9, 2011 || 6:57 AM

Everyday I have those moments of pure and utter shock at human behaviour. It all ties into a primal emotion, because there isn't much difference in the uprising of the apes in the Rise of The Apes movie and Flash Mobs and London. These mobs and acts of violence are often fuelled by unruly youth. It's bad enough that our elders don't trust us as far as they can throw us and then we go and violently riot or beat up innocents. My heart usually hurts because the same emotions that drive someone to go above and beyond for a complete stranger can in one person drive them to do the unimaginable and unfathomable such as killing someone, hurting someone whether they deserved it or not. I'm not sure why I'm shocked because throughout the day I have a distant moment in my head when I contemplate the mind and the complex workings of the amygdala. My mom accurately affirms that "the mind is fragile" were all very capable of "going crazy", losing it or acting out frustration and anger and becoming violent. Heck my good friend and room mate was very violent towards me for no particular reason other than her trying to be playful but sometimes she actually was fuelled by anger. When I suggested she get anger management or seek counselling she made it sound like both were utterly ridiculous. No one is immune and we're all easily breakable some of us have short fuses and don't even know it. 

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Can a white rapper use the N Word?
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 || 8:38 AM

I'm regularly on the whole pro-black soapbox but not too hard, I realize I'm not as well versed in African American studies as some of my peers. Everyday, I note this fact to myself. But I've always had an aversion to the N word despite the constant use in everyday black speak and hip-hop especially, you black children probably grow up knowing very well that the word is used to identify them. I don't use the word in whatever context I just usually don't like the word. But I wholly understand that the word has taken on a different meaning and is often used between groups other than blacks and the word shouldn't be hurtful in that respect, right?

A new female white rapper Kreayshawn's crew named V-Nasty uses the N word quite a lot. As much as I dislike the N-word, my actual belief is usually when white people say the N-word and black people get angry I'm thinking " Why are you mad?" We call each other the N word but suddenly when a white person says it "OMG!", Maybe if we created an environment when the word isn't so readily used by ourselves and Hispanics as well because I guess they get a pass, we wouldn't hear white people saying it. When white people sing along to songs with black men or women saying the N word and drop the N word I'm usually unfazed, though a little uncomfortable on their behalf knowing that years ago when this word escaped a white person's lips it was used to insult them. We're a long way from unbelievable prejudice and civil rights injustices of yesterday when we can freely throw the N word around and let it roll off of our tongues like a sweet song. 

I admit I've desensitized myself and when someone uses the N word around me I might blink but I don't get up in arms. When exchanged between black men and women for each other the term is said to be endearing. I guess we're supposed to feel special when hearing the word much like calling your significant other 'Boo' or 'Sweetie'. This is true for some but my mind won't allow me to associate myself or my black family with the word. I think my biggest gripe with the word is as much as its used by other colors and for other colors, it contains us and we as blacks in my opinion don't think much of each other to begin with and calling each other out of names just disintegrates what's left of any sort of feeling for each other.  Much like women calling each other Bs can sometimes be funny but not every woman laughs at it. It's a touchy subject, I know. I can go on and on about my thoughts on the matter but I just think it's interesting today how certain times have made our vocabulary acceptable.  

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The-Dream EP in the works
|| 6:03 AM

The-Dream is now set to release a 10 song digital album called '1977' under his governement name Terius Nash

So no surprise here, "The Love IV" no longer has the September 20th release date. I say no surprise because it's August 2nd and we've yet to get an official single for Dream's 4th album. Now to many Dream fans this comes as no surprise. Love vs Money was pushed back, Love King also pushed back and once again Love IV has no release date. I think it's great that Dream is releasing an EP for the fans because his fans like myself love his work so it's always a pleasure to hear something from him. 

Per Dream's twitter we should be expecting '1977' by August 31st. Dream is a man of his word but normally you'll get stuff a little bit later than when he says so I'm hoping that the August 31st date is solid. 

Check out Dream's twitter and his most recent tweets for more details about the EP. Mr. Teris Nash claims to be shooting vids for '1977' right now. 

Click for >> Mr. Terius Nash's Twitter <<

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