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The-Dream rocs Fader Fort @ SXSW/ Love IV due April
Saturday, March 17, 2012 || 7:25 PM

Pic from Fuse.TV - The-Dream at Fader Fort

The-Dream rocked out at the Fader Fort in SXSW yesterday night. SXSW this year seems like a place where every musical artist seems to be from legendary to indie so it's no surprise that Dream's Kill The Lights tour would make a stop in Austin, TX to play a couple shows. The-Dream packed the place and gave a pretty thorough performance of his hits in a reasonable amount of time. It started off a little rough but he eased into the performance thankfully. It was a long wait for the Fader Fort stream but well worth it. This is a preview for me. I'm seeing The-Dream on Tuesdays. Pics will hopefully follow...Fingers crossed.

Didn't know sooo I deserve a late pass but Love IV MMXII is due out on April 17th (confirmed by Def Jam). We'll see if he actually holds fast to that date. Every Dream album since Love/Hate has pretty much been delayed.

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