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The Dream. Philly. TLA. March 20th.
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 || 7:46 PM

This would've come sooner had I actually not had a few things going on. Got a little busy and definitely got a little lazy.

Sorry working on the vid clip. Blogger video sucks. Gonna upload with Vimeo :)!

The set list included (not in order):

Some of Love Vs Money part II
Shawty is a 10
Fast Car
Beat the P%^$ Up  (Remix)
Purple Kisses
Fancy (so excited about hearing this)
Gangsta Luv (a little part of it)
Love Your Girl
Ditch That
Kill The Lights
Right Side of My Brain
Love King
Rockin That S^%#

Encore: Lemme see the booty

His show was a lot better than what I expected and everyone there seemed very into it which is a plus.