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The-Dream will release his fourth album 'Love IV' next week?
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 || 8:26 AM

Who is anticipating Love IV? that's a horrible album title yet it's far less cheesy than the others. I guess he went to the 'Beyonce School For Album Naming'
I was just thinking, with The-Dream seems to be working on the albums of others all the time, it's pretty amazing that he finds time to throw together the masterpieces of albums that he has, Love King was his weakest but his first two were pretty strong.
His album is supposed to drop on 6/7/2011 and I highly doubt that without a single that we're getting something but maybe he'll surprise us all and it'll be a dope mixtape and he'll say to be continued...With no promotion he either doesn't care about sales or really expects his album to go double wood which in this day and age is pretty fantastic.
Who knows? 

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Also peep the demo for Beyonce's song 1+1 written by him
Nothing But Love by magic3233

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A Kool-Aid flavored 'Ohhh Yeaaah'
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 || 12:54 PM

Afro Punk Fest
I'm in there IN swimwear

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Lady Gaga: Born This Way Review
|| 7:51 AM

Hey this is a treat, I don't usually even do pop reviews but I figured I'd share my opinion on Lady Gaga's album. I mean I love music and I'm sure over 100,000 people have already reviewed this album 'Born This Way' which was released a few days ago. I've bene big on electronica and techno lately and old school 90s House music which I know she does have elements of in her album. So I'll try and enjoy this if possible. I love Lady Gaga as an artists and you can tell that her personality isn't fake even if it is over the top and a little gimmicky, I actually think she's genuine. That's big for me to say because I'm usually cynical.
Lady Gaga album review
Marry the Night - Sounds like a Daft Punk or Deadmau5 song with singing. The music is promising but the chorus is awfully simple. All that matters is that people are dancing it can't be that bad, right? I still think it's a sucky song so I give it 2.5/5
Born This Way- This song grew on me like crazy, I guess my problem witht he song is that it mirrored Madonna too much but the song is really catchy and kinda makes a perfect inside joke. 4/5
Government Hooker- This song is hands down amazing and should be released as a single. It's not preachy, it's dancey and friggin' sexy and industrial NIN-ish. The whole album needs to sound like this. I'd certainly dance to it. It's dope even with the lame "drink my tears" part. 5/5
Judas- This song grew on me, it sounds like Bad Romance but eh, I give her credit for the catchiness and the music 3/5
Americano- I don't like it. It just seems like a forgettable filler 1/5
Hair- This song in my opinion sucks. I realize she's trying to make a statement but the lyrics but I find it a lil' too cheesy. DNW 2/5
Scheibe- The music is certainly promising, nevermind that we don't know what the heck she's saying. This sounds like a bouncy club song. This is a cut above the others so I'll give it 4/5
Bloody Mary- This was like a ballad of sorts, not too bad but sounded a little similar to another cut on the album, I give it 3.5/5.
Bad Kids - Not bad but the hook was just a lil' too cheesy for me. The verses and the music are catchy though. 3.5/5, I didn't listen to it all the way.
Highway (Unicorn) - Another song with a mix of thumping beats and a seemingly 80s but a lil' cheesy chorus 2/5
Heavy Metal Lover- This is a good song it's a shame that some songs are really strong like this and some are just pfft. I give it 5/5, I love the 90s feel to it. It's just a good vibe
Electric Chapel- This starts out promising as far as the music but then it just seems kinda boring IMO. I guess this is more of a ballad. Still it's a lot less all over the place as the other tracks that I don't like and seems like it can grow on me so I give it a 3.5/5
You and I- I think this is actually a cool song it's a lot less pretentious I guess. She's a good song writer it's just too bad that some of her other songs just seem like she put threw them together in five seconds. 5/5

Overall: I give the the albuma C+ or a 78/100, I think it could've been so much better in terms of how it was structured. Some songs are forgetable but the memorable songs are very very strong so it's hit or miss. Strangely, I think the weak tracks by themselves are stronger than some of those on her previous records so in a way she won me over a little. I think it's one of those albums that may just not be your style as opposed to her other albums which appealed to a lot more people. There aren't many songs that come to mind like "Oh I want to listen to that one!" right now.  Some standouts for me were 'Government Hooker' 'Scheibe' 'Heavy metal Lover' and 'Judas'

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'Til the End of Time' showcases Beyonce's new style
Sunday, May 22, 2011 || 2:06 PM

This jawn has tags and an annoying person saying "For Internal Use only". I guess it wasn't supposed to be released. Too bad but I'm glad I heard it. I love it because it's fun and simple.
I'm actually quite enjoying Beyonce's evolution. Girls is mediocre because the beat was a recyclable but the video enhanced the vibe of the song. I actually think this might be on some next level stuff and I'm glad she's not just doing boring R&B so props to her for that. I promise you I'm not stanning lol

Peep the song below:

This album cover looks nothing like her though :/

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The Lunch Lady Delivers
Thursday, May 19, 2011 || 9:16 AM

Well all I do is listen to tunes even when I'm at now. If you want to know what I'm playing, here it go:
Lunch Playlist w/ some of ma commentary
Bilal - Levels
Anita Baker- Giving You The Best That I Got
John Legend- Green Light - "I hope ya more like Anita Baker than Robin...Givens!"
John Legend- So High
Musiq Soulchild- Womanopoly
Kindred- I Am - "Really good oldie but goodie with young Jazmine Sullivan' former Black Lily alum"
Jill Scott- Getting In The Way "- Jill's new one will be out real soon and the exclusive from Mr. ?uestlove over the weekend at the event I attended was that her album is dope. I can't wait"
Jill Scott- You Love Me
Erykah Badu- Booty
Erykah Badu- Jump Up In The Air
The Roots- Step Into The Realm "Oddly one of my fav Roots songs"
Lil Wayne - Comfortable "Probably my favorite song by him and I'm an idiot because I just realized Kanye sampled Alicia Keys' song 'You Don't Know My Name' for the beat. Ugh."
Kanye West- Devil in A New Dress "I actually haven't met a Kanye album I haven't liked. Guy is so talented. Nevermind his audaciousness he's dope"
Rich Girls- Swagger Right

Also, every now and then I go on Twitter or Facebook and ask "Where is The-Dream!?!!" supposedly he has an album prepping for an August release. But to that I say: "I DON'T BELIEVE IT TIL I SEE IT!"
Here's some random song posted by GoWhereHipHop, not bad but not album worthy The-Dream - Hello, Hi, Goodbye

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Rolling in the Deep
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 || 5:59 AM

Last week was mad exciting, it began with my adventure in the world of Jury Duty. This really involved me sitting in a heavily air conditioned room for nearly 3 or 4 hours only to have Judge Hill say he didn't need us for his criminal case. So I took my things and went to a burger joint and ate a really weird tasting turkey burger before settling back at home. Great, my first taste of jury duty and I didn't even make it pass the questionnaire.
So for the past four months I'd been anticipating the Adele show at the Electric Factory, an actual factory turned concert venue in Philadelphia. My sister bought both albums 19 and 21. So we were on a mission to get into the show. I won't get into the whole song and dance about how that happened but we did manage to see Adele singing her lil heart out. The show was amazing. It was like a great big sing along. Not surprisingly 90% of the crowd was female. Some chicks were even crying although maybe that can be blamed on the alcohol. Either way it rates up there with one of the greatest shows I've seen.
So after a great Friday night, I had to go to a four hour orientation of pre-med hopefuls at HUP. We sat in a room for a few hours and basically it was to get acquainted with the rules of being a pre-med volunteer and then we picked our area we'd work in. I chose Monday afternoons. I don't expect to see much action but I will be in a hospital which I now feel so comfortable in. Hospitals are strangely my homes away from homes.
And then Sunday we capped it off with Mr. ?uestlove who did a Q&A and an interview with a Philly host at a lounge/restaurant. It was pretty inspiring and informative. Questlove seems like he can go on and on about music, his own career and just little details and stories along the way. He is truly amazing.

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Everybody in the pool!
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 || 8:09 AM

Lately I've been on a swimming kick. I love to do it even though technically I'm just learning it. I wish I was a fish so I wouldn't have to come up for air I'd just continue swimming freely without a care in the world.
In my search for pools, I found some cool ones. Check em':

This is a very awesome pool is currently in Mumbai, India with NYC plastered on the ocean floor. HBSC cleverly crafted this swimming pool to promote climate change awareness. It's apparently two years old but I think it's awesome that they did that.
Here's the world's largest pool in Chile at the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort. Amazing. I wonder how the lifeguards monitor it 0_o
According to the UK Daily Mail it is more than 1,000 yards long, covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons of sea water.

Lol this is like a travel blog right now but I wouldn't mind visiting :p

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Oh and....
Sunday, May 8, 2011 || 8:22 PM

Telephone video > Judas video


Science is awkward in COLLEGE
Tuesday, May 3, 2011 || 6:29 AM

Had a very fun weekend in New York and my former school Manhattanville College at an annual concert fest known as Quad Jam. It's essentially a big party of drunkenness and kids drinking brews out of bottles and cups. I never could really get with it. Maybe because I was always into the sober fun. I like to dance and laugh and play and actually remember it withouth the hangover. Still being back on campus reminded me there's something about college that is a pleasant annoyance. I think for even the best students college is a big party and a little secluded from reality especially if you live on campus. It's a world that's palpable and vibrant and so unlike what one faces beyond the futon. Maybe that's why in this moment I look like I don't have a care in the world.
Now I'm home in Illadelph. My mind is heavy because of this post bacc application process. I'm trying not to stay in my head too much so I can actually enjoy my day. It's supposed to be warm today. I hope the sun is out as well. Sunshine always makes it a lil' better.

I'm gonna keep on pushin'

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