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“Triple Entendre, Don't Even Ask Me How”
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Nice people get hurt the most
Thursday, March 3, 2011 || 7:02 PM

I never quite fit into a mold and I probably never will. I sometimes feel a little too other like I'm sure there are a lot of people out there for me to relate to, my friends from college and high school can attest to that fact but then also I'm not sure that's appreciated in the world around me.

It's weird, I went through my adolescence very insecure and meek. And now that I've reached adulthood I've grown up a little I'm less insecure but more to myself unfortunately. More of a loner and in my head a lot. My trust levels have lowered considerably and I my level of cynicism is off the charts. 

I went through my college years very stressed but pretty dumbly happy 

My grad school year was like the twilight zone 

At the moment everything is undefined. 

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