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The long road unwinds
Thursday, March 3, 2011 || 6:33 AM

A little about myself, I'm 23 years old, I was born and raised in Philadelphia with my clone and my 2 older brothers. There's a certain prejudgment that comes with saying you're from Philadelphia. From what my eyes have seemed to observe it's mostly gritty and filled with my people most of them barely eating, aside from the white inhabited areas such as Univercity City, Old City and the new hipsterville Northern Liberties. Murder and crime is not a new human phenomena in this city. It's like blinking an eye or moving a finger. I don't think young lives are as valued in this day and age, there's very little self-respect or respect for others...

I digress,

I went to high school in this city. Catholic school in this city and then quickly went for an adventure in the rich lush hills of Westchester, New York. Maybe I was looking for something new. My college days I partied a little but I was much to insecure about my intelligence, I struggled with the stress and the hardships of being a Biology student and feeling like a complete idiot when I didn't do well. Now I realize that Biology is one of the toughest subjects and to put oneself down for not being able to totally get it is...ludicrous.
From someone on the outside looking in my life would sound a little insane. I've isolated myself due to my personality which is essentially just to try and try and acheive success with each challenge no matter if I fail or win. I value social interaction so much these days because even though I had friends in college floated through without savoring the variety and diversity. Now I'm back home in my city and I want to see and meet and feel everyone's emotions...
Sorry for the poor grammar