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New Kenna music. Yaay!
Monday, March 28, 2011 || 7:58 AM

I love KENNA.

 I have to check out his new EP 'Land 2 Air: Chronicles I'
Here's one of the cuts called 'Chains'

Swiped from The Fader's blog

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My QOTSA experience.
Saturday, March 26, 2011 || 3:40 PM

Just wanted to share some pix and a video. I'm a nerd in my nerdy glasses. Enjoy.

Queens of the Stone Age concert review from Zita Jackson on Vimeo.

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On my soapbox
|| 3:24 PM

I get a little angry and resentful sometimes. I start to wonder are we as black people giving our ALL in society, most of my brothers friends didn't attend college and very likely never will. Actually the people in general in most races that attend college is actually somewhat lower than we thing. The value of a bachelor's degree has gone down. It used to be an amazing sheet of paper but now not so much.

Things that upset me are gentrification, white people that look at you like they've never seen black people before, young black men that try to imitate the fake gangstas they see on TV, the young black teenage girls that love them, guns and violence in my neighborhood and my friends' neighborhoods, racist and prejudicial people and a host of other ignorance that I can't begin to expound on.

My mom generally gets along with everyone no matter the race, she's very open minded and friendly, She tells me a lot of things when she hangs out with her older white male friends who expose her to a life and a world that I guess a black woman wouldn't usually have "The whites are living good out there (Chestnut Hill area) having a ball", I laugh and roll my eyes, it's a statement as if to say "Blacks are struggling and scraping together pennies while the whites are out in the burbs with their feet kicked up"

And I do sit with my head in my hands asking myself, what's the reason? Why can't we also be successful and do better for ourselves. If I had to answer and was put on the spot, I wouldn't be able to give a scientifically correct answer without statistics and variables but I'd say it's a vicious cycle of continued acceptance of the status quo. Technology and the new age is making it a little easier and a little harder to communicate and stay informed. I have some faith that it'll bleed into the communities and homes and begin to open the world to everyone. We need newer role models and not ones that encourage treating women like toys and multiple baby mommas by different women.

I could really go off on a ran with this but I'm gonna stop. I hope to write a book. I just picked up this reading material by Hill Harper, I want to begin to read more of his books.

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Does Charlie Sheen have it easier than Chris Brown?
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 || 7:34 PM


I'm not a huge Charlie Sheen fan. Major League, Hot Shots, Money Talks...I guess I can say I'm familiar with some of his work but not a lot. I know he has a brother that looks a lot like him; this fact confused me for much of my childhood but now I'm aware that Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen are most certainly related obviously. I guess Charlie Sheen is most popular in this era as a funny guy on Two and a Half Men. I haven't done my research really but I know the show is immensely popular show that's been going strong for a while now with a couple of Golden Globe nominations for Charlie Sheen. It's cool that he's maintained a career on TV after acting in so many movies and the show must obviously be a hit.
Now this part, I actually am gonna have to do some research for. Charlie's personal life is probably just as well known as his hit TV show. Apparently he's dated a string of adult film actresses, has five kids, and three marriages. I know I personally only remember him being with Denise Richards and that was way before the two chicks he's calling The Goddesses. His drug of choice is apparently coke which he's OD'd on in the past, he has a history of violence with women, it also seems he's been in and out of rehab and has had many battles for custody of the children he has acquired over the years. He sounds pretty unstable especially if you view his current state in recent interviews. I understand his missteps are not entirely a reflection of him as a person overall but it appears he's unstable and hasn't really ever been able to stay stable for very long.
Chris Brown is young. We really only started hearing about him in the past five or six years. He kinda sky rocketed to pop success with 'Forever' and 'No Air'. He also became well known for his amazing dance moves. Chris became even more well know when he began a relationship with another high profile young artist, Rihanna. The media of course takes advantage and hops all over a new hot couple. That's natural for the supply and demand media machine. That said, I think Rihanna and Chris had been together for quite some time before we heard about what happened with Rihanna. What happened? He basically beat her up pretty badly. The first feeling after viewing the pics that leaked of Rihanna's bruised face is anger and disgust. A man is in most cases stronger than the woman and when he puts his hands on a woman---it's a wrap, it's an unfair fight. That's why I really couldn't agree with the people who said she brought the fight upon herself or tried to justify Chris Brown in anyway. I do think that finally at this point the shock of the situation is gone and many have moved on. I think Chris Brown should be forgiven but with shenanigans like the Good Morning America incident I can see how some may think he's moving backwards. Who really knows if he's progressing.
To tie in Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown, Chris made a comment basically in summation stating that Charlie Sheen a man who is obviously not very well and has a few issues of his own is given a pass while he continues to be ostracized. Do I agree? 
No. I think Chris Brown was looking for a scape goat. I don't really think Chris Brown wants to face the fact that what he did was pretty devestating. I'm sure he realizes the implications but if you read the affadavit that I just read moments ago you can understand the horror of the situation. He wants everyone to sorta just push the incident with Rihanna into the past and a lot of people have either returned to his side as a fan and forgave him or have been done with him completely for good.
Charlie Sheen is a man child with some issues that are linked to substance abuse and mental health issues probably. Chris Brown is a young man that's still learning and growing and apparently still making mistakes. Charlie Sheen hasn't gotten a pass, he's just being exploited and he's choosing to be exploited. I don't think race has anything to do with it. People are worried for Charlie Sheen's possible mental problems in the same way they worry that Chris Brown may never recover from his anger issues.
I think the media has exploited the both of them and it's sad. They both still need help still. I think most (besides the media) just want both of these men to be their talented selves. To Chris it probably feels like the world is against him but I think a lot of people trusted that he's calmer now after his scary attack on Rihanna but it seems he's still working that out. He doesn't deserve a pass. Neither does Charlie Sheen.

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An oldie but goodie
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 || 7:18 PM

As I watch The Good Wife I listened to this during the commercial break. I love 3 stacks!

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Chris Brown - F.A.M.E review
Monday, March 21, 2011 || 6:15 PM

WARNING: Long Post Ahead!
I don't know if I've mentioned my feelings of boredom with mainstream R&B music and hip-hop altogether but I'm gonna mention it now. A few artists I loathe are, mainly Trey Songz although I was guilty of liking Bottoms Up and Can't Be Friends. I just don't think his voice is that amazing and he's just selling his body. At the surface I really don't think he's that amazing but I won't throw too much shade at him. He did his thing these past couple years and he knows how to sell records.

As far as pop r&b, my favorite artist would have to be Omarion. Well my favorite album by him was 21. That was an amazing album. Don't judge me. I also like Ciara's album Evolution. That was a good year for albums but anyway, I'm in between with Chris Brown. I don't love him but I don't hate him. His voice is just okay but his dance moves and his art prove that he's very talented. I really have been pulling for him to do well since the Rihanna incident. I think he deserves forgiveness and to be allowed to continue expressing himself whatever art form. Now CB has been pushing this F.A.M.E record like crazy on his Twitter, he's got nude pics, twitter beef and blonde hair to show for his promo. So I'm giving this one a chance. I love CB's style I'm not too sure about his music but I'm going to try and keep an open mind.

Here goes.

Track by Track:
Deuces - I don't even need to listen to this track, I heard it all fall and winter, I give him props for this little comeback song even my sister liked it and she's a tough crowd. This song features Kevin McCall, a name I'm not familiar with but I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him now 5/5
Up To You- This sounds like a pretty generic R&B song that could easily be an Omarion song or a B2K throwaway, but because it's sensitive I give him some credit. His voice is smooth 3.5/5
No B.S.- This is a pretty popular radio jawn and has most certainly blown up, I've never actually listened to it all the way. The beat is the dopest part but I still can't quite wrap my head around freaky Chris Brown especially since his fans are still young and growing. Oh well, at least he promotes safe sex in the song. Umm overall the song is a good effort but I get a little bored halfway through *shrug* 3.5/5
Look At Me Now- Dope song, Diplo kills the beat, I can even put aside my Lil Wayne shade and say he killed his verse, the video makes it a 5/5
She Ain't You - Your ears aren't deceiving you, my man jacked the whole sample from SWV's Right Here remix, but the song is a cute song and sentiment, he talks about not being with the girl he really wants 4/5
Say It With Me- Some robotic beat and bumpin' drums, kinda disco type song going here. I love the hook and the chorus but his "Hey baby..." kinda sounds ridiculous but  it's not as generic as Up To You and She Ain't You so I give it 5/5
Yeah 3X- Another radio friendly jawn, sure to be a hit for the rest of the year. The college kids and Jersey Shore fist pumping crowd will probably love this, so good job even if it sounds like a song I've heard before 4.5/5
Next To You ft. the Biebs-
With Justin Bieber's appeal I can see this song having a video, another sentimental song with little voice biebs with his constant runs. It's a another strong radio song and a good effort, although sappy ballads kinda bore me.- 3.5/5
All Back- This is a country song? Oh it's a ballad. Sounds like a Beyonce song. I like the piano and the cowbell. I like this song, it doesn't sound like an overdone R&B song and the background singing is nice. The production is pretty different so I give him 5/5
Wet The Bed- Oh another freaky song with Ludacris, this sounds like Take You Down part 2, uhmm, the lyrics are *ahem* *blush*, these songs are good for what they are good for, if you know what I mean, but as far as just listening to them on any other day *shrug* I'll give it a 4/5 I guess. Luda saves it.
Oh My Love  -  Another club type jawn, I'm tryin' to catch everything he's saying, again it jumps into disco, I guess he thinks he's MJ, that's cool. I like this new producer even if he does use autotune and lyrics are kinda meh *side eye*. 4/5
Should've Kissed You - What a sweet title, another radio song
Beautiful People - Sounds like a gay bar song lol that's cool. 5/5

I think this album will do very well with pop radio. I'm actually releived he has the perfect mix between pop songs, dance songs and a couple freaky songs but not a lot. It sounds like he's returning to his roots. I would've preferred more club bangers like Look At Me Now but the production is very solid on this album and I'm glad he only rapped on a few song.

Deluxe version:
Bomb - 5/5 for the bangin' beat even if I'm not a real big fan of Wiz, strangely this sounds like a Nicki Minaj song
Love Them Girls- 5/5 - Hot beat although again he sounds like Nicki Minaj lol , Ester Dean probably wrote this
Paper, Scissors, Rock - Oh I think this was on FutureSex/LoveSound. Oh, it wasn't? I think Chris Brown is strongest with these types of pop songs with hot beats so... 5/5 
Beg For It - Omarion also has a song called Beg For It and this sounds like Janet Jackson's song, No BS. part 2 but I'm bored already, 3.5/5
Champion -I don't even know what this is, sounds bad at first but he does spill his guts so I'll bump it up to a 3.5/5

Overall: 84.5%, and that says a lot compared to Graffiti. I've never really been able to say 'Oh I love this song!' about CB's album since his first two solid albums and I have a couple songs like that on here. A few songs I cut off halway from boredom but overall I think this is a solid effort and the deluxe version makes it a little more worth it. I'm glad Chris Brown is back and doing his thing. Hope his album sells...I'm not a stan. I promise.

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Good things come to those...
Saturday, March 19, 2011 || 5:11 PM

I don't want to speak too soon but things are beginning to come together for my application. I'm feeling a little less blue.

Btw, how did I not know about this ridiculousness? *HUGE SIDE EYE*

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The Gentle Hum of Anxiety
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 || 6:00 PM

I'm feeling blue. Working on my application. Gathering all of the necessary items. It's finally starting to take it's toll on me. The anxiety crept up on me with really no fair warning. It did The Creep like off of SNL. Maybe it's the hard hitting truth. I wanted to be done with my application by May and I'm really not sure if the stars will align that way. Once I've turned it in I'm gonna take a much need relaxation period.

Anyway, when I'm a little down, I like to listen to Roy Ayers. Don't ask me why. I really discovered I like Roy Ayers. He's a genius and his stuff has been sampled to death it seems.

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Truth is on its way :)
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 || 6:57 AM


by Nikki Giovanni

Childhood remembrances are always a drag   
if you’re Black
you always remember things like living in Woodlawn   
with no inside toilet
and if you become famous or something
they never talk about how happy you were to have   
your mother
all to yourself and
how good the water felt when you got your bath   
from one of those
big tubs that folk in chicago barbecue in   
and somehow when you talk about home   
it never gets across how much you
understood their feelings
as the whole family attended meetings about Hollydale
and even though you remember
your biographers never understand
your father’s pain as he sells his stock   
and another dream goes
And though you’re poor it isn’t poverty that
concerns you
and though they fought a lot
it isn’t your father’s drinking that makes any difference   
but only that everybody is together and you
and your sister have happy birthdays and very good   
and I really hope no white person ever has cause   
to write about me
because they never understand
Black love is Black wealth and they’ll
probably talk about my hard childhood
and never understand that
all the while I was quite happy
- This is not my poem, I'm not claiming it as my own, Harper Collins has the rights

I love this poem by Ms. Giovanni. I'm really grateful that my mother exposed me to such great poetry and Nikki is a legend in her own right. If you go back and read her poems from the 60s they still can have a profound effect on on our world today. I think she's an essential part of African-American history and she really shows the power of words and ideas. I think she's amazing and she deserves a lot of praise for her works throughout the years. This is one of my favorite poems and one of my favorite poems by her.

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Music sweet music, I wish I could caress
Saturday, March 12, 2011 || 3:26 PM

My friend Liz put me on this band and this extra cool song. I prefer Soundcloud these days obvs. I'm not really fond of a bunch of indie bands but every once and a while my ears will open up to some new stuff that I really appreciate and it just sounds new. Check out another one of their songs called "My Step"
Little Dragon - Feather by shaunlopez
Thanks for visiting. To whoever may be reading this.

Stay updated about Japan and donate cautiously.

Love. Peace.


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Dear God, help the people of Japan
Friday, March 11, 2011 || 8:50 AM

I know a lot of people have this thin where things happen around the world and it's like "OMG! It's the end of days!", No, disasters are nothing new, wars, fires, and deaths are nothing new. We really just have to love each other and hope and pray and look for the best in each other. Your arguments today are petty. People have died in Japan.

The Roots ft. Monsters of Folk - Dear God 2.0 by realmusic360

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Thursday, March 10, 2011 || 6:58 AM

Lol for days

I really just want to sing about the greatness of being able to sleep 8 hours or more...It makes you less aggrivated and basically you feel like a new person. I recommend it to everyone.


Remembering the man
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 || 3:06 PM

I remember the day Biggie died, I was doing something in the mirror and I heard the news and it was kinda like "Really? First Tupac now Biggie?" It was just draining and sad. I loved his music and I think he was WAY ahead of his time.

Peace to B.I.G.

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Leon The Professional + Chopin + Megabus
Monday, March 7, 2011 || 7:49 PM

I'm on the double decker Megabus, neck craned listening to J*Davey elbow jutting into the wall underneath the window. I need a massage, I need my home and bed, I need a new outfit for work. I need to fully watch the Basketball Wives finale. Neeeds...

But let's discuss, the epic situation that is Leon - The Professional
I admit I was falling asleep during my viewing of much of this movie, however, I did manage to catch that it was unique and Natalie Portman was still just as good and also adorable. 

Listening to this Chopin on the bus right now reminded me of it. 


Don't wanna be a wack Green Day song!
|| 8:30 AM

What I did last night. Green Day. American Idiot.... I'm not a huge Green Day fan but seeing Davey Havok was really great, ran into him on the street in the pouring rains of NYC. The performers of the play did an excellent job as well. Overall pretty dope.

And oh yeah, went to Manhattanville College, my former lover. We're not really getting along right now. I'm still mad he moved on so quickly.

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As suggested by J*DaVey
Friday, March 4, 2011 || 1:31 PM

So a couple musical fragments J*DaVey shared on their live USTREAM last night. I remember them mentioning Twin Shadow and This Guy Def Sound (he's on J*DaVey's song 'Quicksand' off their new EP), I definitely think if you like J*DaVey you'd be into these two guys. Music is constantly changing and it's very exciting. Peep!

This other dude Twin Shadow is reminiscent of Joy Division, Interpol, Arcade Fire over melodic minimalistic electro beats. Definitely wasn't what I expected to hear when I saw the guy. He's interesting.

Enjoy! Happy Friday! Will be updating from NYC tomorrow.

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J*DaVey tour + Website and EP Link
Thursday, March 3, 2011 || 8:19 PM

J*DaVeY Announces Tour w/BLU + More! from I L L a V 8 r on Vimeo.

Support, Support, Support real and great music and go see this king and queen on tour. I love this hip-hop-rock-soul-surf-electronic music duo. And I've been rocking with them since 2006 plus I can't wait to hear more of their stuff. I'm currently downloading the mistape right now. I have no headphones unfortunately but I'm hoping to absorb it quickly... Here's some links for you guys.

Official J*DaVey Website
Evil Christian Cop: The Great MisTapes 

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Nice people get hurt the most
|| 7:02 PM

I never quite fit into a mold and I probably never will. I sometimes feel a little too other like I'm sure there are a lot of people out there for me to relate to, my friends from college and high school can attest to that fact but then also I'm not sure that's appreciated in the world around me.

It's weird, I went through my adolescence very insecure and meek. And now that I've reached adulthood I've grown up a little I'm less insecure but more to myself unfortunately. More of a loner and in my head a lot. My trust levels have lowered considerably and I my level of cynicism is off the charts. 

I went through my college years very stressed but pretty dumbly happy 

My grad school year was like the twilight zone 

At the moment everything is undefined. 

Currently: Listening to  Adele 


Humble beginnings
|| 8:09 AM

So if stuff doesn't work or seems in an odd place, I'm still kinda getting used to tweaking this template. I won't complain if some things don't work out; the designer did a lovely job. Hopefully I can stick with it because I really like it.

Continue visiting...


The long road unwinds
|| 6:33 AM

A little about myself, I'm 23 years old, I was born and raised in Philadelphia with my clone and my 2 older brothers. There's a certain prejudgment that comes with saying you're from Philadelphia. From what my eyes have seemed to observe it's mostly gritty and filled with my people most of them barely eating, aside from the white inhabited areas such as Univercity City, Old City and the new hipsterville Northern Liberties. Murder and crime is not a new human phenomena in this city. It's like blinking an eye or moving a finger. I don't think young lives are as valued in this day and age, there's very little self-respect or respect for others...

I digress,

I went to high school in this city. Catholic school in this city and then quickly went for an adventure in the rich lush hills of Westchester, New York. Maybe I was looking for something new. My college days I partied a little but I was much to insecure about my intelligence, I struggled with the stress and the hardships of being a Biology student and feeling like a complete idiot when I didn't do well. Now I realize that Biology is one of the toughest subjects and to put oneself down for not being able to totally get it is...ludicrous.
From someone on the outside looking in my life would sound a little insane. I've isolated myself due to my personality which is essentially just to try and try and acheive success with each challenge no matter if I fail or win. I value social interaction so much these days because even though I had friends in college floated through without savoring the variety and diversity. Now I'm back home in my city and I want to see and meet and feel everyone's emotions...
Sorry for the poor grammar


Lil Wayne feat Cory Gunz- 6'7"
|| 4:45 AM

Let's not even talk about the fact that my favorite movie is incorporated into this. Ugh. I guess I'll stop hating on this real life troll. He's doing his thing.

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It takes a certain kind of swag.
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 || 8:54 PM

Listening to Cee-Lo right now. Love this man. 


A convenient truth
|| 5:18 PM

Oh joy! Closed toe shoes when the weather begins to warm but...Delightful nonetheless


No one does it like Queens of the Stone Age
|| 5:12 PM

Going to see them perform this lovely album on March 24th
QOTSA by DominoRecordCo

Different blog, same brain.
|| 3:24 PM

So I did a little maintenance and grabbed up a lovely template to start anew in a brand new land same continent. More soon. More music including new critiques on The-Dream